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Twisted Stalk

This white or greenish flower gets its name because each flower hangs off the stem from a kinked twisted stalks. Towards the end of the season, it produces a berry that starts out green, changes to orange, then bright red.

The berries are edible, and reportedly taste like watermelon! They may have a laxative effect if large quantities are consumed. The berries and the plant are used medicinally as well, for burns or other ailments. They do look similar to other toxic plants, so don’t consume unless you are positive on the ID.

Wildflower Details

Scientific Name:Streptopus amplexifolius
Growing Season:Early Summer
Soil Type:Wooded areas, moist areas
Other Names:

Twistedstalk, Clasping Twistedstalk, White Twisted-stalk, Claspleaf Twistedstalk, Watermelon Berry