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Mountain Marsh Marigold

These pure white flowers are common early season and love spring runoff! They may also have gray striping or striations along the length of the sepal. They can be found along stream beds or marshy areas. They tend to grow in clusters surrounded by broad, almost lettuce like, green leaves. The flowerhead is about an inch across and made up of 7 or more sepals around a thick yellow center.

They are actually not a marigold, but are part of the Buttercup family. They are a favorite treat for moose and elk!

Wildflower Details

Scientific Name:Caltha leptosepala
Growing Season:Early summer to August
Soil Type:Wet, marshy areas
Other Names:

Twinflowered Marsh Marigold, Broadleaved Marsh Marigold, Elk’s Lip,

Habitat:Subalpine, Alpine