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Monument Plant

This plant has a tall stalk that juts above all other vegetation, demanding notice. It can grow up to 7 feet tall! The flowers are white with green shading and dark speckles. The four stamens are also relatively tall and fit symmetrically at the center of the flower. They are star like, with 4 petals and flat. The flowers are easy to miss, as they sit close to the giant stalk and are similar in coloring. Be sure to look close to see the intricate detail!

This plant is what is called monocarpic. This plant will grow for an average of 30-40 years, flowering only in the last season of its life.

Wildflower Details

Scientific Name:Frasera speciosa
Growing Season:All summer
Soil Type:Meadows and open areas
Other Names:

Green Gentian

Habitat:Foothills, montane, subalpine to alpine