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King’s Crown

This flower head is a deep rich red color. The terminal cluster is flat topped and can contain up to 50 small flowers, packed so tightly that it looks like one large flower. They can appear almost iridescent.

The flower likes moist areas, or rocky areas of open meadows. It tends to cluster in large groups.

The leaves are thick and succulent like. They grow along the length of the stalk in an alternating pattern that is usually very symmetrical. Large clusters of the flowers make a beautiful texture. The leaves become singed with red along the edges, or completely red, in late season.

Wildflower Details

Scientific Name:Rhodiola integrifolia
Growing Season:All summer
Soil Type:Meadows, moist areas or rocky areas
Other Names:

Roseroot, Ledge Stonecrop

Habitat:Subalpine, alpine